Who Needs Complete Thesis Coaching?

You have spent a lot of time, money and energy to complete your class work. Now you are on your own to complete your thesis. Many people at this stage and feel lost and disconnected. Perhaps you are no longer living in the same city and feel cut off from your committee. Perhaps your committee is not as accessible as you would like. Perhaps making a living and caring for a family is leaving you little time to complete your thesis. Many masters and doctoral candidates find it difficult if not impossible to complete this last leg of the journey. Whether you are at the beginning trying to pick your topic, stalled somewhere in between or nearing the end finding it difficult to finish, Complete Thesis Coaching can help you move forward and achieve the goal you have worked so hard to attain.

Consider Complete Thesis Coaching If You Can Answer Yes To Any Of The Following Questions.

  • Does the thought of completing your dissertation or thesis leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Are you feeling isolated and alone?
  • Have you gotten stuck at the proposal phase?
  • Do you need help sorting through the possibilities for your thesis topic?
  • Are you uncertain if your dissertation topic is doable?
  • Are writer's block and procrastination causing you self-doubt and eating up your time?
  • Have you lost your life in the maze of work?
  • Do you need support as you work with your committee?
  • Are you loosing money and/or in a job you don’t want because you are ABD?
  • Would it help you to have someone in your corner?
  • Would it help you to have someone holding you accountable in a way that supports you?

How Will Complete Thesis Coaching Help?

Complete Thesis Coaching will help you in developing simple, straightforward methods to help you get started or to finish your thesis. You will learn and use proven strategies to successfully complete and defend your dissertation, and earn your masters or doctoral degree. Together we will unleash your future.

If You Are A Doctoral Or Masters Candidate, Complete Thesis Coaching Will Help You To:

  • Create a clear vision for your dissertation and your future
  • Develop realistic short and long-term goals
  • Promote your strengths and natural talents to their best advantage
  • Learn to quiet the self-critical voice that keeps you from realizing your goals
  • Learn stress management techniques
  • Deal with procrastination and writer's block
  • Learn to trust your own inner wisdom and develop a good working relationship with your committee
  • Organize your time so you can live your life and complete your thesis
How Do We Work Together?

Complete Thesis Coaching is a service designed around your unique needs for completing your dissertation or thesis. Whether you are just beginning or need help crossing the finish line Complete Thesis Coaching will help you achieve your goals. Scheduling usually includes regular weekly telephone appointments and frequent e-mail interactions.

Complete Thesis Coaching takes place either individually or in groups, primarily over the phone. In-person sessions are available when geography and desirability make it possible.

How will it feel to finally complete your degree? After all the time, energy and money you’ve invested, you know it will feel great! I’m here to give you the support you need to make that happen. Don’t stop when you are almost there. Complete Thesis Coaching is a solid investment in your future.

Unleash Your Future, Contact Me Now!
Contact me for an initial, free 25-minute consultation during which we will talk about your unique needs and get a sense of our ability to work as a team. The coach/client relationship is both professional and personal. As a coach, I think you will find me comfortable to communicate with, an intelligent person who really listens and understands and one who can assist you in coming to the answers that are right for you. I am someone you can trust and who can hold you accountable in the way you need to be supported. If I am the coach for you, together we will design the coaching structure and a payment plan that best matches your needs. Individual coaching fees depend upon the nature of the services provided. E-mail support is included. There are two possible payment options at the bottom of this page. Other options are available. I encourage you to invest in your future.

Please Email Or Call Me Now
To set up an appointment for an initial, free 25-minute consultation, contact Marnie McNamara:
615 376-9654

Marnie McNamara

In my service to you, I bring my signature strengths of curiosity, creativity, capacity to love, courage, gratitude, and spirituality. I have an unquenchable desire to learn and to share what I learn. As a life-long learner, I bring skills from lessons learned as an artist, director for several art organizations, energy therapist, pastoral counselor, teacher, and coach. My clients have been able to gain clarity about their priorities, overcome obstacles such as procrastination, improve their ability to communicate with difficult people and find options to difficult situations moving from stuck to completing their goal. Together we can unleash your future.

Here's What Two Of My Clients Have To Say About Working With Me:

“Marnie's knowledge and effectiveness, together with her great caring and sensitivity, makes working with her by whatever venue (teleclass, telecoaching, in person, in a group) a delightfully positive experience and I highly recommend that you avail yourself of any opportunity to work with Marnie.”

— Susan B.
Wellness Coach

“As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Marnie has imparted many words of wisdom to me, enlarging my understanding. I have been a witness to Marnie’s generous, kind, sensitive and gentle yet powerful authentic self.”

— Paul Holzapfel, BSN, RN
Vancouver, BC

My Commitment In Working With You Is To:

  • Give you my full attention
  • Protect the confidentiality of our communications
  • Assist you in developing your goals and action plan
  • Support you in the realization of your goals and action plan
  • Hold the vision of your dissertation
  • Hold you accountable in a way that supports your progress
  • Celebrate your victories
  • Encourage you through the process of completing your thesis and stepping into your future

Unleash Your Future Now!

Please Email Or Call Me Now
To set up an appointment for an initial, free 25-minute consultation.
Marnie McNamara:
615 376-9654

Two Complete Thesis Coaching Payment Options:

3 Month Individual Coaching:
9 hours of individual Coaching
3 Month Group Coaching, 4-6 members:
9 hours of Group Coaching, 4-6 members:
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